Let’s start with a little story about you. And your brand. And then we’ll move on to us.

You’ve got a brand (product or service or person – you maybe?) that you want the world to know about.  Digital is obviously the way to go, everyone knows that. Just that it doesn’t seem to be working for you. Not surprising, because every brand out there is in the same ring, shouting louder, doing the right things. While your bottom line isn’t moving at all. Yet, look at that gigantic market you could be making inroads into. According to Emarsys 42% of the population is active every day among social media users, i.e. 3.2 billion users. How many of them are looking at your brand?

Even more promising: a study by Global Work Index shows the average time spent on social media is 2 hours 22 minutes. That’s a solid chunk of their waking hours. You need just a minute of their time to make your pitch to them. Have they spent any time on your brand? Why not?

If you’ve created an exciting, well navigable website and a smooth experience, Hubspot research shows here’s what you get: 71% of customers recommend a brand if they’ve had a good experience on the website BUT if you’ve not got the right stuff up there, oops! 88% of consumers don’t go back to a website with a bad experience. Once again, decision time – which of these is yours?

Lastly, 72% of online marketers consider high-quality content creation as the most efficient SEO tactic. Content. Design. Experience. Those are the key words. What you say, how you say it. It makes the difference between keeping a customer or losing them, between selling or letting your competitor sell instead. You’re still reading this? Proof that content works.

That’s where your brand story can go. If you start now.

Now, about us.

Let’s start with the founder. Me.  I have 17 years of experience in Visual Merchandising (Retail) and an overall 30+ years of experience in both media and retail. I am a trained Commercial Artist and a Graphic Designer and have worked with various reputed organizations.

My first client was myself, as every entrepreneur knows. My partner and I had started a chain of restaurants under www.thebluepeppergroup.com. It was a must-eat-at chain and a raving success until the pandemic shut most of my restaurants down. I had designed logos of each subsidiary brand, menus, flyers, digital presentations, social media activities, and all marketing collaterals. The brand has created a position and name for itself in the industry.

We finally move into why you’re here, i.e. what we can do together. Where we can take your brand.

We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the rise of email marketing and search engine optimization to consumers’ growing ability to interact with brands via personalization, automation and of course, social media. We will help your brand adapt its strategies to align with fast-changing trends.  Sticky content and data-driven design to capture the attention of today’s consumers. Remember where we started? There are billions of customers. Let’s begin…

Post by Jane De Suza for Anjana Chakraborty