Our Services

Shades in the Box is a creative studio eager to welcome challenges with every venture requiring creativity for their development process. We are providing a collection of services that is a one – stop solution for design, marketing and promoting a brand. Our major focus is on development of brands, packaging design for the products, and all design services. Our design services also include digital design services, too, dealing with brand specialization, web design, social media marketing and video creation.

We are specialized in the most important elements to ensure that we develop your brand from scratch and help create a strong brand identity in the market – be it, logo design, brand manual, other brand identities with our exciting, creative graphic design, visual communication materials, impressive web design, engaging social media content with images and powerful video creation with editing…ultimately the choice is yours on how to give the best for your brand.

We make your brand visible to the targeted audience with our strategies and our expertise culminates with your dreams and your vision. Your main benefit with Shades in the Box is we make your offerings more attractive than your competitors and make your brand reach the next level with our professionalism and experience.

Graphic Design

We will offer you the services required to create your brand identity right from conceptualization to implementation...

Web Design

Shades in the Box tailors our web design services to your company and its specific and unique needs...

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is imperative to business success, and we value your brand and do not want to miss the opportunities to make an impression...

Video Creation and Editing

Our innovative videos can showcase your brand, your products, and your services effectively and can stand out from your competitors..